copyright1A Loss for FilmOn. Inc., a company that offers a service identical to the one held infringing by the Supreme Court in Aereo, tried to argue that it should be treated like a cable company. The district court disagreed and this week the Second Circuit also agreed, and sanctioned FilmOn for failing to abide by an injunction. More here.

copyright2Dark Hunters vs. Shadowhunters. Sherilyn Kenyon, author of the “Dark Hunter” series, sued young adult novelist Cassandra Clare. The lawsuit claims that the Clare’s “Shadowhunters” franchise, comprising, among other things, two series of novels, the 2013 movie The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and now a Shadowhunters TV series airing on Netlix in the UK and ABC Family in the U.S.

copyright3EFF unhappy with TPP. The Electronic Frontier Foundation contends that a “sneaky change” to the Intellectual Property chapter of the Trans Pacific Partnership will massively expand criminal penalties for copyright infringing activities that have no impact on the actual market. The full explanation is here.

Boxer Sues for Use of his Name. Former boxing champion “Sugar” Shane Mosley filed suit against Swarm Entertainment, claiming that it used his name without permission in advertisements to promote a mixed martial arts (MMA) event called the “Super Brawl.” The suit alleges right to privacy, right to publicity and trademark claims for the use of his name, image or likeness. His boxing name “Sugar” Shane Mosley is a registered trademark.