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Proposed Facebook Settlement Receives Thumbs Down

Facebook Inc.’s $20 million class settlement offer has been rejected by U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg  due to concerns over the amount allocated to attorneys’ fees and the proposed “cy pres” payment.  The offer was made to settle a lawsuit alleging that the social media magnate improperly used subscriber’s profile pictures in connection with its … Continue Reading

The ACLU and Facebook Weigh in on “Liking” as Protected Speech

Updating this previous post, the employees of a Virginia sheriff’s office who were fired allegedly for expressing support for the incumbent’s opponent in Bland v. Roberts have appealed the decision to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.  One of the employees “liked” the opponent’s Facebook page, but the district court found that “liking” a Facebook … Continue Reading

A Threat or a Twit? Twitter as Gatekeeper

The New York Times reports that Twitter has turned over to the police the account information of an individual who used Twitter to threaten a copycat shooting similar to the recent tragedy in Aurora, Colorado at a showing of “The Dark Knight Rises.”  The individual is believed to have tweeted, “I’m serious, people are going … Continue Reading

Twitter Trolls and Free Speech

Perhaps inevitably, less than a week into the 2012 London Olympics, Twitter is finding itself at the center of numerous free speech controversies: two athletes, a Greek triple jumper and a Swiss soccer player, have been expelled from the Games because of allegedly racist tweets; athletes are turning to Twitter to complain about the IOC’s … Continue Reading

Savannah Dietrich Seeks Her Own Justice Through Twitter

From Ms. Dietrich’s perspective, her facts were simple.  She was sexually assaulted by two boys, who then shared pictures of the assault.  The incident caused the 17-year old embarrassment and concern—she cried herself to sleep for months and could not go out in public.  She reported the incident to the police, looking for justice against … Continue Reading

Facebook Implements California Consumer Privacy Protections In Rolling Out Its New App Center

As part of the strategic rollout of its new App Center, Facebook wrote a letter (the “Letter”) [See the full letter from Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer] to California’s Attorney General Kamala D. Harris (“CA Attorney General”) agreeing to become a signatory to, and implement the privacy protections detailed under, the CA Attorney General’s Joint Statement of … Continue Reading

Facebook Settlement Made Public

The details of last month’s $10 million settlement between Facebook, Inc. and five Facebook users were finally made public this weekend after the release of court documents.  Facebook will donate $10 million to charity to settle a lawsuit based on alleged violations of California privacy laws. The lawsuit, brought by five Facebook users, alleged that … Continue Reading

Federal Judge Dislikes Facebook as a Method for Service

A federal judge in the Southern District of New York has denied a request by Chase bank to serve process through a Facebook account.  Initially, Chase hired a private investigator who tried in vain to track down Nicole Fortunato’s whereabouts in order to bring her in to a lawsuit as a third-party defendant.  When Chase … Continue Reading

Twitter in the Middle: Twitter Challenges Government Subpoena of “Occupy Wall Street” Account

Back in January 2012, the New York County District Attorney’s office sent Twitter a subpoena seeking e-mail addresses, tweets and other subscriber information of the account @destructuremal.  The account belongs to an individual who allegedly participated in the Occupy Wall Street protest march on the Brooklyn Bridge on October 1, 2011. The individual, Malcolm Harris, … Continue Reading

Court Gives Thumbs Down to First Amendment Protection for “Liking” Candidate on Facebook

In a decision that runs counter to a large body of Supreme Court precedent on both Internet and non-verbal speech, a Virginia district court has held that “liking” a candidate for public office on Facebook is not entitled to First Amendment protection. The case involves employees of a Virginia sheriff’s office who were less than … Continue Reading