1Last year, songwriter Nayeri Gregor filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Chris Brown, Benny Benassi, and others, claiming Brown’s 2012 song Don’t Wake Me Up infringed her 2009 song of the same title. According to Gregor, in 2011 she played her song for Irish singer-songwriter Brian Kennedy. Gregor further claimed that Kennedy memorized the music and lyrics and later played the song for Brown and Benassi. According to the lawsuit, the songs had the same title, similar lyrics, and the same rhythm. Although Brown sought to have the lawsuit dismissed, on March 8 the parties informed the court that they had reached a settlement.

2Singer The Weeknd and his producers were sued last December by Cutting Edge Music Limited, a British music publishing rights company. According to the complaint, The Weeknd’s producer informed the composer of his intent to sample a track from the film MAChine in The Weeknd’s song The Hills. Cutting Edge Music Limited, the song’s exclusive licensee and administrator, was never paid. Although The Weeknd did not respond to the lawsuit, the British publisher dismissed the suit earlier this week. It appears a settlement between the parties had been reached.